Wind power laser cleaning solutions

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Wind power is a green new energy source with abundant energy reserves and huge market prospects. Looking around the world, wind power is becoming an emerging energy source that countries are competing to develop. Under the background of green, low-carbon and digital transformation, China has vigorously developed the wind power industry. More and more wind farms have been built, and the cleaning and maintenance of wind turbines have become increasingly prominent.

As an advanced technology, laser cleaning is considered a "disruptor" of the traditional cleaning industry. It has the advantages of high cleanliness, high efficiency, non-contact, and green environmental protection. Cleaning objects include steel, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, glass, and composites. The application industries cover automotive manufacturing, hardware mold, shipbuilding, rail transit, aerospace, and cultural relics protection. In fact, in the field of wind power, laser cleaning also has excellent performance.


Fan blades are one of the core components of wind turbines. They mainly rely on the wind to drive the blades to rotate to promote the generator to generate electricity. However, the surface of the blades will be covered with a large amount of dirt for a long time, which will increase the friction resistance between the blades and the air when they rotate, and reduce the utilization rate of wind energy. At the same time, the surface of the blades is covered with a large amount of dirt, which is easy to cover up the defects on the surface of the blades, which is not conducive to the discovery of hidden dangers of the blades and leads to the occurrence of safety accidents. Therefore, regular cleaning of the dirt on the surface of the fan blades is one of the most effective ways to improve

The traditional cleaning method of fan blades is to use manual aerial work, cleaning with brushes and cleaning liquids, which is not only inefficient, but also prone to corrosion of the organic paint surface due to long-term use of chemicals, shortening the service life of the blades, and manual aerial work poses a huge safety hazard.

Unlike traditional manual aerial work, laser cleaning operations are safer and more efficient. They do not require any additives during the operation, do not generate wastewater, pollute the environment, and have stable equipment performance, smooth operation, and convenient operation.

At present, the wind power industry has become one of the national strategic emerging industries, and has achieved rapid development under the dual role of industrial policy guidance and market demand-driven. Laser cleaning is regarded as "the most promising green cleaning technology in the 21st century", and it is bound to gradually replace traditional cleaning processes in the future and become an indispensable technology for cleaning and maintenance in the industrial field.