What forms of training does Shengtong Intelligent Laser Equipment Group provide to its customers? There are three training methods, and customers can choose.

1)On-site training 2)Remote guidance 3)Email correspondence.

After the normal operation and acceptance of the equipment, our personnel are responsible for providing you with maintenance and operation training without personnel restrictions at the project site. The purpose of the training is to enable all operators to master:

1)Explain the main performance, structure and principle of the equipment.

3)Explain the safety protection knowledge and precautions of lasers.

4)Training on the switch sequence, daily maintenance, and simple troubleshooting.

5)Training on the use of marking software and various related drawing software, as well as processing parameters and methods.

Our personnel take centralized training and one-to-one training according to the time of use of your personnel to ensure that the personnel have the above capabilities.

Clients can choose their own training location

1)Clients come to the company for training.

2) Train engineers to go to the customer's location for training.